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Tractoring is a skill that allows you to use various tractor beams.

Training Tractoring costs skill points equal to the desired level.

Where to Train

Location Base Name Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
The Nexus Nexus Station 1
Infernal Tempest Alpha Research Station 5 1 Solar Radiation Waste product of Infernal Battery and debris found under Solar Collection Drones in Infernal Tempest
Bipolar White Haven P2P only 8
Deflector Fluxial Pull 10
Empathy Field Love 10 Cannot have an engine in this star system
Bipolar Black Precipice P2P only 14 1 Blue Dust Space Blue Gamma and Space Blue Gamma Scout drop
The End of the Universe Restaurant at the End of the Universe P2P only 15 1 Holy Ward Rare Forgone drop
Iq' Bana Kasa Qa'ik P2P only 16 1 Ungodly Lust Rare Scruple drop
Emphatic Biology Embryonique P2P only 16 1 Yin and 1 Yang (Mission Based) Cannot have an engine in this star system
Capella Assayer's Refinery 16 30 Umbra
Bipolar White Haven P2P only 17-18 1 Adamantium Traction Module (Mission Based)
Bipolar White Haven P2P only 19 1 Rhino Roar and 1 Thrak'hra's Denial (Mission Based)
Bipolar White Haven P2P only 20 1 kill of Mother and 1 Gravity Impulse Core (Mission Based)
Olympus Entrance Hidden Lyceum Observation Platform P2P only 21 1 Storm Shard, 1 Lightning Shard, 2 Swift Shards (Mission Based) Requires level 1000
Kandara Dvarata P2P only 22 1 kill of Janayitriadhara and 1 Kosthapratisedha (Mission Based) Requires level 1500