Temple Grounds

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*[[Imperial Tweaking]] 3; 3 Imperial Chests
*[[Imperial Tweaking]] 3; 3 Imperial Seals
*[[Cloaking]] 20; Destroyed Dark Cloak
*[[Cloaking]] 20; Destroyed Dark Cloak
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*[[Imperial Tweaking]] 5; 5 Imperial Chests
*[[Imperial Tweaking]] 5; 6 Imperial Seals

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The Temple Grounds is the beginning of the adum Trials. It is guarded by some Divine Seraph that are equipped with Ambrosia Lasers causing forced thrust. Home of The High Prophet uber.



The top right gate is the adum Trials which holds the Sentinel Seraph. He is invincible and will show you the way of truth. Those who pass the trials will be blessed with an unknown reward.

The Top Left gate leads to The High Prophet, a devastating boss who is not to be messed with.

Temple of adum


Secret Base

Autopilot from the sun through the planet death and go 7777 Distance from the main ai base and you will find the secret base. Base moves slowly counter-clockwise if you have trouble finding it.

You must complete the mission "Secret Task" by going through the adum Trials and completing the behemoth mission to be able to dock at the hidden station.

Trying to dock there without having access will tell you the location of the mission chain you have to finish to gain access.


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