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Shielding is a skill that allows you to use various shields.

Training Shielding costs skill points equal to 3+desired level. For instance, level 5 Shielding costs 8 skill points.

Where to Train

Location Base Name Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
Earthforce Outpost Earthforce Command 1
Fly Times Flylet Research Outpost 3
Sol Earth Central 3
Sol Earthforce Headquarter 6 1 Enforcer Rank
Wolf 359 Wolf 359 Outpost 6 1 Blue Aether Space Blue Alpha and SBA Interceptor drop and mined in Blue Outpost
Deflector Fluxial Pull 8
Beta Antares Beta Antares Shipyards 11 1 Pirate Crest
Lavanite Lava Visions 11 1 Kromelite Monochrome Tint drop
East Vindia East Vindia Trading Post 14 1 Veteran Pirate Crest
Free Market Friedman 16 1 Adonis Shield Capacitor Built from Adonis Shield Capacitor Blueprint
Bipolar White Haven P2P only 16 1 Enchromas Slumberchrome drop
Underworld Underbelly 18 1 Space Boomerangs Pax Astrologica drop
Rocky Horror Rocky Horror Outpost P2P only 19 1 Xeno Shield Remains Forgone drop
Hyper Ethicos 19 1 Pearly Gate Rare Parsley, Dark Guard and Seraph drop
Serpica Scale Center 19 3 Basil Sheath Basil drop
Blue Photon Processing Blue Photon Processing P2P only 20 1 Kill of Anaconda and 1 Anaconda Scales (Mission Based) Requires level 525
Lyceum Spartan Garrison P2P only 21 1 Fire Shard, 2 Storm Shards and 1 Strife Shard (Mission Based) Requires level 1000
Vihara Dvarata P.S.S. Excelsior P2P only 22 1 kill of Vaidya and 1 Upahata Sammurchitakrmikosa (Mission Based) Requires level 1500