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(Important Updates A large amount of this is outdated)
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'''''Reviewing:''''' None.
'''''Reviewing:''''' None.
'''''People That Falsify Reports:''''' sneakdude, lying about looting and scamming by jrodpower.
'''''People That Falsify Reports:''''' None.
'''''Recent Changes:''''' Dark Clown Added, Fire Wall taken off.
'''''Recent Changes:''''' Dark Clown Added, Fire Wall taken off.

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A scammer is someone who doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain during a trade. They will either not pay but take the item, or not give the item and take the pay. There are several ways in which scammers scam you out of your entitlement.

How a scammer scams:

  • Firstly they wait for you to give them the money for an item they supposedly have and then run or log out. If you are in a protected galaxy there’s nothing you can do; they’ve gotten away already.
  • Secondly the reverse happens and they take the item and don’t pay you the money. Money comes and goes but you may never see another item like that again, so this is possibly the worst kind.
  • Lastly (but not as often) the scammer will wait in a stealthed ship near where a trade is taking place between 2 other people and then snatch up the item that is tossed over board. This is also very harsh because the two people who were trading may think the other person is trying to scam them.
  • Stealing items from a base is also considered scamming/stealing.



At Last!!! An easy to read list of scammers and looters is here. It is recomended that do not trade with the following people. This page will be restored everyday to prevent people removing there names with out proving there not a scammer.

Please Note: If you change this page to spam it or just because your name is on the list, you are just wasting your time. This page is checked four times a day to make sure nothing like this happens. Dont think just because you dont have a account on this site you can not be caught. Your I.P address is recorded when you change a page.


The creator of this page, Danger, does not accuse anybody of scamming and was not scammed by anybody on this list. The following names were collected from the Starsonata forums and were reported by other people. This list may hold mistakes but it is rare. This list has been confirmed and will be updated once a week. Peoples names that are to be removed will be listed under Important Updates.

Important Updates A large amount of this is outdated

To Be Added: colin22

To Be Removed: None.

Reviewing: None.

People That Falsify Reports: None.

Recent Changes: Dark Clown Added, Fire Wall taken off.


1. To be removed from the list you must be able to prove that you are not a scammer by one of the following choices. A director of your team that fits the following, must be a moderator or a respected known player will be able to vouch for you.. The second choice is to provide a public apologize on All chat after most people agree to let you off the list in a post on the forums.

2. To request a person to be on this list you must have proof that he/she scammed you. You must have a screen shot or request a chat log from the admins. I have requested chat logs before and they will let you have them. If you can not provide the the things listed I will assume you are lying and you will be put on a watch list.


Scammers looters list december.png