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|Paulie's Scrapyard
|The Doghouse
|align="center"|[[P2P]] Only
|align="center"|[[P2P]] Only

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Piracy increases the chances of some AI dropping the items on-board their ship when they are killed, each level of piracy also increases drop rate of Augmenters by 0.05% per level.

Piracy is useful when you are attacking low and medium level AI that do not have a Self-destructor equipped. Higher level AI have an equipped self-destructor which destroys all gear on-board when the ship is killed. These AI do not drop any of their gear regardless of your skill in Piracy -(Or rather, they have a tiny chance of dropping some items, not affected by your piracy skill). Piracy also does not affect the drop rate of rare universal drops of gear not found on the ship itself (such as a Gigo Laser) or rare drops specific to a certain type of AI.

Piracy is also a requirement for various pirate-themed gear. The skill costs a constant 4 Skill points per level.

Where to get Piracy

Location Base Name Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
Ring Rock Harbor 1
Handel's Cove Lost Cove 2 Requires Piracy 1 in Ring first.
Blue Outpost Blue Outpost 4 2 Blue Whisper Space Blue Alpha Scout drop and mined in Blue Outpost
Tortuga Tortuga Outpost 5 1 Scorched Trader Signet
Absolution Absolute Power 7 1 Basil Bouquet Basil drop
Tortuga Treasure Cave 8 1 Gold Dubloon
Infernal Tempest Alpha Research Station 12 3 Infernal Cell Infernal Tempest Mission reward
Bipolar White Haven P2P Only 14 1 Rosemary Sprig Rosemary drop
Bonnet Bonnet Hideout 16 1 Traginium Mined in Bonnet
Handel's Cove Maboule's Hideout 19 1 Trader Emblem Slumberchrome drop
Serpica Scale Center 20 1 Nathaniel's Emblem Nathaniel Courthope and Captain Albatross drop
Strontium-90 Dead Man's Redoubt P2P Only 21 10 Gold Fistful of Dollas Strontium-90 Mission reward
Strontium-90 The Doghouse P2P Only 22 5 Platinum Fistful of Dollas Strontium-90 Mission reward