Large Paxian Subspace Supply Crate

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Large Paxian Subspace Supply Crate
Size Weight Halflife
20 210,000 none
Decay on Warp Neurobound
no no
Break Item
5 total item types
Minimum Break Maximum Break
Add Trade Good List Price
A small collection of Paxian goods.

Given to you for completing the monthly Subspace Missions, along with the Small Paxian Subspace Supply Crate and Medium Paxian Subspace Supply Crate.

The rewards are as follows: Eridium (3-5), Allied Commendation (5-25), Ammo Crate - Large Paxian Missile (3-5), Bindomite (1-25), Pax Cosmologica (pack of 12) (1-3).