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It comes but once a year, around October 31st.


Halloween Event 2006

Drops were scattered throughout the universe from random AI.

Halloween Event 2007

Sol was turned into a rotten space cheese!

Scattered drops, as well as missions from Graveyard, were available.

Plague Spaces! Royal Rat Glands! Undead Rat Broodmother!

Halloween Event 2008

Came in stages, Undead Rat Scouts. Roaming Undead Tobal in Warp3

Halloween Event 2009

Sol has a Base Infestation on a rotten space cheese!

Missions in Sol and the Graveyard along with normal halloween drops. Undead Rat Scouts by the Plaguespace. Berserk Undead Rats are inside and much more. There is a race to get pumpkin shards to get an Unholy Pax from the Halloween Missions at the Space Rat Farming Colony.

Halloween Event 2010

In the event for 2010, there were 10 new AI. A series of upgraded Goblin AI called Trolls, pumpkins which roam Perilous Space, and a new uber, the Undead Narwhal.

With the 10 new AI, there was 5 new Augmenters, and 10 new items.

Halloween Event 2011

The 2011 event had much of the same content as last year; the Trolls, Undead Narwhal, the Willow O' Wisps and the Pumpkin AI returned, along with the missions to turn in Pumpkin Shards for the ultimate prize of the Unholy Pax. With this years event Undead Narwhal also received some specific loot, notably the Undead Baby Narwhal.

Halloween Event 2018

For 2018, a new space rat uber appeared in Mousey Depths as a deeper level of the space rat-infested depths of Nexus. A strange energy has corrupted and enhanced the space rats, requiring dozens of characters to take on Rattie Moe's new form known as Mega Moe. For killing it, players can acquire several pieces of unique Mega Moe loot from a mission:


Alphabetical list of drops.

  • Black Spooky Candles
  • Broodmother's Squeaks
  • Exploding Rat Kitten
  • Ghostly Magic
  • Ghoststream
  • Great Pumpkin
  • Haunted House
  • Orange Spooky Candles
  • Phantomstream
  • Pumpkins
  • Pumpkin Drone
  • Pumpkin Shard
  • Scarecrow Radar
  • Space Rat Kitten
  • Spiritstream
  • Undead Rat Breath
  • Witch's Broomstick
  • Vampire (Commod)
  • Zombie Pod
  • Zombie Toasters

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