Fuel Injectors

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Fuel Injectors
Size Weight Halflife
1 80,000 none
Decay on Warp Neurobound
no no
Break Item
Minimum Break Maximum Break
Add Trade Good List Price
Delta V + (n*10)

Fuel Injectors are a commodity used for various high tech blueprints. Built from a Fuel Injectors Blueprint.


Item Produced Initial Periodic Blueprint
Phoenix Rebirth 0 2 Phoenix Blueprint
Poseidon Wave 1 0 Poseidon Wave Blueprint
Twisted Nikola Support Freighter Upgrade 1 0 Twisted Nikola Support Freighter Blueprint
UrQa Vo'kii Uka Uu'Qa Upgrade 1 0 UrQa Vo'kii Uka Uu'Qa Upgrade Blueprint