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Engine is a skill that allows you to use various engines.

Training Engine costs skill points equal to 3+1*desired level. For instance, level 5 Engine costs 8 skill points.

Where to Train

Location Base Name Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
Sol Earth Central 3
Arctia Arctia Outpost 5 2 Solar Prisms Mined in Prism and Arctia
Blue Outpost Blue Outpost 5 1 Blue Whisper Space Blue Alpha Scout drop and mined in Blue Outpost
Sol Earthforce Headquarter 5 1 Enforcer Rank
Glass Matrix Ice Matrix 7 1 SludgeSpewer Sold at various special galaxies -- 4,000 Credits
Brigand's Stronghold Gallow's Cove 9 1 Scorched Trader Signet
Gargan Gargan Harbor 9 1 Oversized Winsblatt Sold at Gargan -- 1,500,000 Credits
Micron Micron Courier Inc. HQ 11 1 Micro Cloud Flow Sold at Micron -- 1,600,000 Credits
Labyrinth Theseus 13
Steppes Undone Encasement 15
Underworld Underbelly 16 5 Cloud Mercury Mined in XYZ
Nihilite Green Nile 18 1 Space Boomerangs Pax Astrologica drop
Perpetual Motion Drone Corp. Universal P2P only 18 1 Purgatory Thrust Space Blue Gamma drop
Lunacy Sonata Asylum P2P only 19 1 Dementium Built from Dementium Blueprint and found as DG drop
Rocky Horror Rocky Horror Outpost P2P only 19 2 Titan Engine+ Bought at Free Market -- 753,000,000 Credits
Micron Micron Courier Inc. HQ P2P only 20 (Mission Based)
Lyceum Spartan Garrison P2P only 21 1 Fire Shard and 3 Swift Shards (Mission Based) Requires level 1000
Bila Dvarata P.S.S. Coronae P2P only 22 1 kill of Adhara Akara and 1 Yantraksetriy'atikaya (Mission Based) Requires level 1500