Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering is a skill that allows you to use energy generators.

Training Electrical Engineering costs skill points equal to 3+desired level. For instance, level 5 Electrical Engineering costs 8 skill points.

Where to Train Electrical Engineering

Location Base Name Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
Earthforce Outpost Micro Fabulous 1
The Nexus Nexus Station 2
Fly Times Flylet Research Outpost 3
Sol Earth Central 3
Sol Earthforce Headquarter 5 1 Enforcer Rank
Vulcan Vulcan Mining Facility 5 1 Kromelite Monochrome Tint drop
Handel's Cove Lost Cove 8 1 Kromatico Monochrome Hue drop
Micron Micron Courier Inc. HQ 10 1 Micro Uncoiler Sold at Micron -- 2,643,000 Credits
Gargan Gargan Harbor 12 1 Oversized Entropy Cascade Sold at Gargan -- 10,334,000 Credits
Vervaardiger Processing Vervaardiger Production Factory 14 1 Rosemary Sprig Rosemary drop
Underworld Underbelly 16 1 Basil Bouquet Basil drop
Bonnet Ring World 16 50 Nuclear Waste
Nihilite Green Nile 18 1 Sputter Nutters Equanimity drop
Enigmatic Sector Paxian Research Outpost 19 1 Gigantic Obsidian Ionizer DG drop
The End of the Universe Restaurant at the End of the Universe P2P only 19 3 Conclusion Icicle Forgone drop
Lunacy Sonata Asylum 20 1 kill of Mad Scientist and 1 Mad Scientist's Brain (Mission Based) Requires level 475
Olympus Entrance Hidden Lyceum Observation Platform P2P only 21 1 Fire Shard, 1 Storm Shard and 2 Strife Shards (Mission Based) Requires level 1000
Vihara Dvarata P.S.S. Excelsior P2P only 22 1 kill of Sahvika and 1 Spandin Hrday'atikaya (Mission Based) Requires level 1500