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No, no, no, don't try to run away

Closeness background
"The target is a menace to the galaxy. She's called "Closeness". Oh, she likes to get close all right: hugs and squeezes you until you croak your last. Real black widow. Anyhow, Earth Force got wind of her killing off important senators for their money and connections, and they can't have the political fallout if anyone realizes just what she knows. Take her out."
Johnny Alpha, Strontium-90 mission

Closeness is an uber flying a The Hearts Black Hole, she can be found roaming around Perilous Space and is on team Fatal Attraction.

She will attempt to pull in nearby enemies and has a very powerful tractor.

Gear List:


  • I want to feel your engine's warmth next to mine!
  • Why do you try to deny the connection between us
  • No, no, no, don't try to run away
  • Kiss me, hug me, hold me!
  • Don't deny your true inner feelings! Touch me and let them out!
  • Embrace me, against the cold dark of space, embrace me for eternity
  • I shall remember you... forever!