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Cloaking is a skill that allows you to use Cloaks of a given level.

Training Cloaking costs skill points equal to the desired level.

Where to Train

Location Station Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
Paxius Paxius Prime 5 1 Paxian Medallion
Capella Assayer's Refinery 9 2 Bauxite Prospected or bought at Capella
Shadow Lush Incision 12 1 Dark Remains Dark Transport and Dark Guard drop
Hyper Ethicos 15 3 Master Pirate Crest
Bipolar Black Precipice P2P only 17 1 Sliver+ Bought at Free Market -- 170,000,000 Credits
Underworld Underbelly 17 1 Gabriel's Neurolich Seraph drop
Iq' Bana Kasa Qa'ik 19 1 Grape Influence DG Drop
The Dark The Dark 19 1 Titan Cloak+ Bought at Free Market -- 925,000,000 Credits
Iq' Bana Qokuji Qa'ik 20 1 UrQa KoQuii Qa Ruin (800,050,000 Credits) and rare Iq' Bana boss drop
Temple Grounds Temple of adum P2P only 20 1 Destroyed Dark Cloak Dark Curse drop
Olympus Entrance Hidden Lyceum Observation Platform P2P only 21 2 Storm Shards, 1 Strife Shard, 1 Swift Shard, and 7 Cloud Mercury (Mission Based) Requires level 1000
Akhara Dvarata base P2P only 22 Uber Kill and commod Requires level 1500