Zen Skills

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A unique set of skills, Zen Skills offer fixed bonuses for every level trained. The SP costs of Zen skills scale similarly to class skills. Zen skills can be trained at Sai's Retreat in Sol, up to 100 levels. Neuro Tweaking can only be trained up to Lvl 50.

  • Zen of the Shield: +30 Shields per level.
  • Zen of the Energy: +40 Energy per level.
  • Zen of Calmness: -1% Gremlin effect time, -% duration of negative weapon effects.
  • Neuro Tweaking: Tweaks have 2% more effect per level.
  • Zen of Acceleration: +80 Thrust per level.
  • Zen of the Spin: +30 Turning per level.
  • Zen of Far Reaching: +7 range per level. Maximum range bonus for each weapon is double the range after multipliers.