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The Star Sonata 2 Web API is an interface that allows developers of third party programs or applications to retrieve data directly from the Star Sonata 2 servers in a secure manner.

Current endpoints are public information only and require no authentication. Authenticated requests are planned for the future to get detailed information on teams and individual character details.


The root url for all current endpoints is https://www.starsonata.com/webapi/v1/.

  • galaxies: Returns information on galaxies in the current universe.
  • galaxies_recent: Returns information on recently changed galaxies (with a much lower cache time than galaxies).
  • teams: Returns details on all the current Userteams.
  • server_status: Returns information about the current status of servers.

Planned Endpoints

  • items - an endpoint to retrieve the stats of "publicly known" items (items that have been on the public market at some point) is currently being developed.
  • An endpoint to retrieve market data for items.
  • An endpoint to retrieve basic details on past universes such as start/end times and final emperor details.
  • An endpoint showing bulletin board data.
  • Authenticated endpoints showing privileged information
    • Team data such as team skill data, members and their ranks, team ledger, and more.
    • Account data such as characters on the account.
    • Character data such as skills, owned assets, and more.