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Warp Navigation is a skill that allows one to traverse deeper into the universe via more complex and dangerous wormholes. There are currently 4 levels of this skill, and 5 different 'warp levels' in the universe, starting with the fairly docile Warp Level 0, ranging to the extremely dangerous Juxtaposition and Concourse (Warp Level 4) shortcuts. This skill costs 10 skill points per level.

Seers class works as an alternative to Warp Navigation, with every 4 levels in Seer class being equivalent to one level of Warp Navigation. This doesn't stack with normal Warp Navigation at all.

Where to Train

Location Base Name Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
Free Market von Mises and Friedman 1 1 Blue Aether Space Blue Alpha drop
Sol Earth Central 1 1 Blue Aether Space Blue Alpha drop
Brigand's Stronghold Gallow's Cove 1 1 Blue Aether Space Blue Alpha drop
Sol Earthforce Headquarter 1 1 Enforcer Rank
Paxius Paxius Prime 1 3 Paxian Medallion Obtained from Paxius Missions
Handel's Cove Lost Cove 2 1 Vortex Pellets Created by Vortex Conv
Lavanite Lava Visions 2 1 Goblets Gotten from Goblin
Paxius Celestica Secondus 2 9 Paxian Medallion Paxius Missions
Ruby Steppes Ruby Slippers 3 1 Light Nuzzle Captured in Deflector, size 200
Paxius Astronomica Tertius 3 15 Paxian Medallion Paxius Missions
Emphatic Biology Life Life Life P2P Only 4 1 Microbes Warp Built from Microbes Warp Blueprint
Paxius Serenity 4 1 Ancient Pax Emblem Paxius Missions