Vorian the Rouge

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Vorian and his cronies strike!

Volcom have ambushed you in the Nebula!

Vorian the Rouge is the leader of the Volcoms. The level 17 buccaneer flies around in his heavily modified volcom, the giant volcom. His hideout is in the Mutara Nebula which he vigilantly patrols along with his volcom cronies and the occasional space jelly. Be warned, for Vorian is quick to obliterate any intruders who would dare disturb his evil plans against Earthforce!

Vorian spawns with this gear.

  • Oversized MagCannon
  • Volcom's Beam (2)
  • Volcom's Pulse
  • Vazaha Protector 1
  • Glissom
  • Outlaw's Volcom Mods
  • Shield Salve
  • Self Destructor
  • Faranji Energy 2
  • Sost Radar
  • Random Augmenter (3)

He occasionally drops valuable DG loot.