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You have a choice to become a Volcom Pirate from the New Pilot page.

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Volcom Pirates

Not much more than a band of highwaymen rallied together by their demented leader Vorian the Rouge. They originally moved to Nexus due to its dozens of habitable planets, fortunes in untapped resources and rich shipping lanes to raid, but the Nexus Star inflated. It became a supergiant and burned away all life, turning most of the once verdant sector into a charred, barren wasteland. They maintain a strong grip on the Nexus sector, combating Earthforce Cadets in the area.

Earthforce Cadets were able to contain them in the nearby Mutara Nebula and surrounding areas until the pirates became bolder, building an asteroid-situated outpost in the belt near Earthforce Outpost and towing it in undetected to assist them in plundering Merchant's ships and stations as well as expanding their influence in the area around the Nexus Star. Although the Earthforce Cadets attempted to stop pirate activities around the Nexus Star and drive back the pirates to Mutara Nebula, the Volcom Pirates had plans to initiate a raid on Whiskey Outpost. The raid plans were leaked to the Cadets however and defenses were mustered to try and save Whiskey Outpost. The station was left heavily damaged and much of the resources it had were looted by the Volcom. After the raid, the Volcom began deploying a new type of ship, the Outlaw's Volcom, a heavier and improved Volcom ship.

Urzod, the second in command of the Volcom Pirates, betrayed Vorian after the Whiskey Outpost raid by recruiting many of the Volcom Pirates and stealing almost everything the Volcom had. He forms a new splinter group called the Blackhole Brigands and lays claim to Rogue's Rendezvous, quickly setting his eyes upon Volcom Outpost. The attack on Volcom Outpost fails, and Vorian goes into hiding in Rogue's Nebula to avoid Urzod. Frederica deAnza helps the Volcom-aligned player assassinate Urzod due to a personal vendetta against him, removing the leadership of the Blackhole Brigands. During this assassination, Vorian the Rouge is found by the Earthforce Cadets and is killed in combat, scattering the remaining Volcom Pirates and releasing their hold on The Nexus.


The Volcom Pirates are led by Vorian the Rouge who was later killed during the Nexus events. Urzod was second in command until he created the Blackhole Brigands after the Whiskey Outpost raid, betraying the Volcom and resulting in his assassination.

Blackhole Brigands Relations

The Blackhole Brigands are a splinter group formed from members of the Volcom Pirates, including their leader Urzod, who was second in command of the Volcom Pirates. When Urzod left the Volcom, he took quite a few Volcom with him as well as stealing almost everything the Volcom had. They lay claim to Rogue's Rendezvous and set up in Dagger Caprice, Cutlass Caprice and Honey Moon.

Blue Pirate Relations

Being unable to set up a base in the Nexus sector, the Blue Pirates help the Volcom Pirates as they are already setup in the Nexus. They help the Volcom plan attacks and supply them to fight Earthforce Cadets. This allows them to fight the Cadets in this sector, without being noticed by Earthforce.