Vazaha Culture

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Skill learned at Enigmatic Sector that allows you to use advanced ancient technology. It is exclusive with Faranji Research, Mzungu Lore, and Bule Mythology. See also: Enigmatic Sector Missions.

Location Level Requirements Notes
Enigmatic Sector 5 Paxian Research Medal None
Enigmatic Sector 10 Mission One,See Below None
Enigmatic Sector 13 Mission Two, See Below None
Enigmatic Sector 20 See Below None
  • Mission One: 5 Vazaha Blue Orbs
  • Mission Two: 3 Vazaha Invertoblast, 2 Gold Bars
  • Mission Three: Vazaha Flash Pack, Vazaha Protector 6, 3 Gold Bars
  • Mission Four: Vazaha Seal, 4 Gold Bars
  • Mission Five: Vazaha Re-structron

Gear that requires Vazaha Culture