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Claerwyn's Fuzz 2.0.gif Name Class Team Rank Level Ship Slaves Favorite Ship
Claerwyn Fleet Commander Psionic Corps Officer Dangerous 1316 Earthforce Dreadnought 2x Earthforce Battlecruiser Ancient Scoutship
The Crazy Game Master Engineer Psionic Corps Officer

Fearsome 1001

Rhino None Pax Astronomica
Gemini Speed Demon Psionic Corps Officer Rspectable Porpoise None Locution
lol1 Sniper Psionic Corps Officer Respectable Shrimp+ None Snowflake
A Powerful Ship Shield Monkey Psionic Corps Officer Poor Mini Mad Scientist 7x Outlaw's Volcom Roswell


Graphical Works


I have created a GUI for star sonata which kind of turned into a graphical mod. It includes changes to Wormholes, Backgrounds, Lasers, and many other images.

You may download it here:

The installer for version 3 is old, however here it is:


TCGM - (the maker of Fuzz 2.0)

Basil XY Fake

When Time Warp and I were bored, we thought of faking an uber using my great GIMP skills. The joke went 4 days straight without anyone getting it, along with help from Aurora Ex Machina, a new dev. Link to the Basil XY Topic: Basil XY