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Note: I am not sw03391

My DM can tear holes in spacetime, look at him go!

Hmm, this is gonna be interesting.

Si's Frisbee through the ages:

  • ZebucartBansheeRagnarockBasilPorpoisePax AstronomicaLion

and not anytime soon:

  • Golagoay Vazaha Archtype.png

Didn't_Say through the ages:

  • ZebraKelvinSerenityPax AstronomicaAssault Behemoth+

and not anytime soon:

  • Jujuso'rkaUnholy PaxHephaestus Machine

Si's_Yes_Man through the ages:

  • ZebucartBansheeParsleyPorpoiseRosmarinusSuper PhunkaEarthforce DreadnoughtWiki Master

and like never:

  • PrawnRed Photon CarrierZeus Throne

SimonV2 through the ages:

  • ZebucartWingshipHotrodWingship IIIWingship IVParsleyVulturePanther

and not anytime soon:

  • Ares War Chariot

AllSi'sBase through the ages:

  • ZebucartHotrodConstable's AidWingship IVParsleyApprentice's Ward

and not anytime soon:

  • RhinoHephaestus Machine