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Sacred Book of the Histories by adum.

Book of Celestial Dawn

11Once there was the void, and with the syntax of a complex ancient language adum filled that void with stellar gasses, gravitational forces, and various other primordial astral occourances. 2With time, star nurseries formed, and adum nurtured the protostars found here into what are now glorious suns. From the accretion disks of these newly born stars, adum skillfully and masterfully crafted protoplanets, guiding their evolution until they were strong enough to orbit their parent on their own. 3With his help, moons, nebulea, asteroids, and all the other natural wonders our universe came into existance, yet adum still felt the emptiness of the void.

21Despite the void containing all manners of natural wonders, adum had yet to finish genesis. On four of his newly created planets, taking mere pattens of energy from his omniscient mind and transforming them into matter, adum painstakingly and meticulously assembled the foundations of life. 2From this emerged the proud and ancient races the Bule, the Mzungu, the Faranji and the Vazaha. 3With this newfound life adum was pleased, and adum rested.

31adum watched closely over his cultures, appointing among each a leader which he would commune with, and teach them his ways. 2Slowly, through his mortal representitives, the peoples of the universe began to understand adum, and the gift they had been given with their very creation. 3Despite his communion with his people, adum realized they would need laws to guide them. These are the laws of adum, taught to the races by his first priests. 4Firstly, thou shallt honour adum above all things. 5Secondly, thou shallt never honour another more than thou honourst adum. 6Thirdly, thou shallt honour all that adum hast created for thee. 7Fourthly, thou shallt make all efforts to protect that which adum hast created for thee. 8Finally, thou shallt make war upon those who fail to uphold the first four laws adum hast lain down. 9These five laws were to comprise the Holy Golden Path and all of adum's children were required to stay upon the Golden Path. Those who fell from it were to face death.

41So adum watched as his children progressed, grew, and evolved, all following the Golden Path he had lain down for them.

Book of Mzungu

11Herein lies the record of the Mzungu, one of the four pillars of adum, created during the Celestial Dawn. 2These records are of all events of importance, until the Time of Ruin. The time when adum's children strayed from the his Golden Path.

21Here follows the line of the holy truthsayers of the Mzungu. 2When adum communed with his child race of the Mzungu for the first time, he appointed unto them a leader, one which would relay his word to his people. 3The first of these Truthsayers was Bakiri. He lived for 117 Mzungu Orbits and from his loin came Rasihd. 4Rashid spoke the truths of adum for a total of 91 Mzungu Orbits and was succeeded by his son, Thimba. 5Thimba lead the Mzungu for a 131 Mzungu Orbits, until his death, upon which his son Khairi succeeded him. 6Khairi kept the feet of the adumites on the Golden Path for a total of 146 Mzungu Orbits, he spoke the ways of adum longer than any other and was replaced by the first female truthsayer, Eshe. 7Eshe upheld the will of adum for a total of 99 Mzungu Orbits and mothered the next truthsayer, 8Azize. Azize was the last of the of the adumite truthsayers, and spoke the will of adum for a total of 82 Mzungu Orbits until his death at the hands of the merciless UrQa.

31As their world grew and with it their knowledge of it, the Mzungu began to seek other means of explaining the natural wonders that adum had created for them. 2They began to forget the teachings of the Truthsayers. They began to forget the very essence of the Golden Path. 3They began to break the very laws that bound them to their creator. 4adum was deeply upset at his people's disobedience and his grief was turned to anger before long. This anger would turn to wrath before long.5All hope was not lost though, for adum sensed some who still upheld the traditions of their fathers, and continued to offer tribute to their creator. 6He called out to those still loyal to him, telling them of a great plague from beyond their stars that would arrive to seal their destruction should they continue to stray from adum's will.