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Julian.jpg Julian, or Jordache J. Dailey by birth, is the current Web Developer for Starsonata. He prefers to fly his Admin specialty-geared impossible to get ships in-game.

Star Sonata

Site Content

What do i gotta put here? you enjoy screwing peeps over with secrety codes of HTML and PHP?


On June 16 2007 Julians involvement with the website decreased as he gained employment with ClearWire internet, which was followed 2 months later with a position with Weyerhaeuser. He is currently working for the United States Postal Service as an information systems technician.

Popular Rumors

It is well known that Julian has the world's largest collection of "adult" pictures and movies.  It is also well known that Julian harbors it on the server, being the number 1 cause of all the lag.

Social Life

Yes believe it or not Julian has a social life that tends to revolve around a local pub called O'Houlies and a local casino The Crazy Moose (both being only a block away from his apartment).

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