The Serengeti

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Gate to The Serengeti

Zebra Armada about to lay siege to the known universe!

The extra-dimensional gate in the Serengeti Blockade has finally opened and the Zebra Armada is pouring out! The Lyceum Guardian is having a hard time keeping the forces of Emperor Shaddam Kilrathi the IV at bay. Will the forces of good be able to conquer the challenges within and stop the Zaphragi from destroying us all?

  • This new area contains 15 new custom designed galaxies that will challenge the strongest teams of players. 6 bosses, more than 100 drops including 8 sets of ship gear and 4 new player ships with unique graphics and more.

Rise up and challenge the Emperor himself!

This galaxy leads to Ngorongoro, in order to advance to this galaxy you must find a Neural Keysyncs which is floating in one of the green debris, careful though, you have a chance to also scoop Burger Sludge and Promethium.

The Bosses:

New Sets:

  • Rhino
  • Zebra
  • Panther
  • Lion
  • Primal Rhino
  • Primal Zebra
  • Primal Panther
  • Primal Lion
  • Emperor

4 new player ships:


  • Never fly out too far, you will spawn a Giant Space Alien and a bunch of Face Huggers, who really mess up a group's run. These take 20 minutes to de-spawn.
  • All the AI in UZ use mostly physcial damage, be ready.
  • Kill the Zebras called Shintahr first, they give a massive resist boost to the other enemies.
  • (Add as much as you can, be accurate!)

The gate to this system is located in Serengeti Blockade, guarded by the Guardian of the Lyceum. Beware!

Inside the Forboding Swirling Vortex

Once you enter this maze of madness, it is unlikely you shall return unscathed unless you have a plan and think well on your feet- though even then your demise is almost certain. The fearsome foes you encounter here lurk in the shadows untill you, being lured from your wariness by minutes of tranquility, foolishly step foot in the obscuring nebulae. You might be on the verge of thinking that these nebulae would be the perfect place to ambush your worst enemy when the Zebra forces slip from the shadows and ambush you. Mysteriously, despite the lack of suns, solar panels generate electricity here- it is surmised that the glow from the nebulae contains high energy radiation beyond the visible spectrum (for humans) that the panels are able to capture.