Base Gear Missions

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This is a page providing details on the various base gear missions scattered throughout the known universe.

Note that locations will vary between universes; if you notice an incorrect location please update it!

Last location info cleared on 1/19/2019.

Base Gear Missions

They will give a small amount of experience that will diminish as you gain more levels. Argonaut, ambrosia, and andaman exchange missions have a higher level requirement and difficulty assigned to them, giving you more experience relative to your level. Normally you will find the missions in random locations around Earthforce Layer. Occasionally you will find some in Wild Space, they are marked with an asterisk (*) next to the Warp Navigation requirement in the table.

Location Required Item Reward Level Warp
Adonis Pulse Gun 100,000,000 Credits 21
Adonis Laser Lavatory Factory 21
Adonis Protector Advanced Tree Cutter 21
Adonis Shield Capacitor Nuclear Convo-Tronic II 21
Adonis Energy Capacitor Cybernetic Construction Facility 21
Adonis Energybank Advanced Harvester 21
Adonis Radar Hydroponics 21
Argonaut Pulse Gun 200,000,000 Credits 130
Argonaut Laser Dall Computers Assembly Plant 120
Argonaut Protector Advanced Tree Cutter 100
Argonaut Shield Capacitor Nuclear Convo-Tronic II 100
Argonaut Energy Capacitor Iquea Workshop 100
Argonaut Energybank Advanced Harvester 100
Argonaut Radar Hydroponics 110
Ambrosia Pulse Gun 300,000,000 Credits 190
Ambrosia Laser Grav Testing Facility 180
Ambrosia Protector Advanced Tree Cutter 160
Ambrosia Shield Capacitor Nuclear Convo-Tronic II 150
Ambrosia Energy Capacitor Fabulous Factory Parts Bundle 150
Ambrosia Energybank Advanced Harvester 150
Ambrosia Radar Hydroponics 170
Andaman Laser Cybernetic Construction Facility 340
Andaman Protector Advanced Tree Cutter 320
Andaman Shield Capacitor Nuclear Convo-Tronic II 300
Andaman Energy Capacitor Complicated Factory Parts Bundle 300
Andaman Energybank Advanced Harvester 300
Andaman Radar Hydroponics 340