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Tortuga's pirate outpost and one of the infamous swabbies.

Tortuga is a star system with two AI controlled star bases, and is the start of the Tortuga custom dungeon. Tortuga can never be built in by players. This galaxy houses some of the most loathed pirates in the galaxy, including none other than the infamous brigand Barbe Rouge himself (French for "Red Beard"). It is also considered the center of pirate activity in the universe, and any aspiring buccaneer should be sure to visit here, score some dubloons, or even try their luck at finding the hidden treasure cave, a station where missions for some unique pirate gear can be found. Be warned, though; anyone to traverse this region of space is in grave danger, as the pirates here don't look before they loot.

Missions in Tortuga have been known to direct players to trader hot spots like East Vindia.


Tortuga Outpost (Piracy 1 to dock)
  • Piracy: Max Level 5; 1 Scorched Trader Signet Per Level
Treasure Cave (Piracy 4 to dock)
  • Piracy: Max Level 8; 1 Gold Dubloon Per Level

Unique AI


Tortuga Outpost

All missions assigned by Barbe Rouge can be found here. Rewards include several coveted items.

  • Gallow's Robber
  • Plunder Beam
  • Gold Dubloon
Treasure Cave

All missions assigned by Ben Gunn can be found here. Rewards include set gear described below.

The Treasure Cave is 4900 east from the north gate and 5157 from south gate, and is invisible. Galactic locator coordinates are {5000, -1850}.