The Tinted Blanc

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Prepare to be de-saturated!

The Tinted Blanc.png

The Tinted Blanc is a level 200/205 uber flying a Monochrome Tint Scourge, found in Monochrome Tint Blanc Chamber and is on team Monochrome Spectrum.

The Tinted Blanc will spawn three Blanc Monochrome Tint guards at 50% shielding remaining.

The Tinted Blanc will drop 35,000,000 Credits, a Monochrome Tint Specialized Trade Goods and a Kromelite Crate on death, as well as a 50% chance of a Tinted Augmenter, 10% chance of a Tinted Torpedo, 25% chance of a Monochrome Tint and a 10% chance of a Ghostly Beam Blueprint as well as some random items.

Gear List:

Shouts: Upon Aggro:

  • [The Tinted Blanc] Welcome to my chamber (player name).
  • [The Tinted Blanc] Prepare to be de-saturated (player name)!

At 50% Shielding:

  • [The Tinted Blanc] Protect me my shades of grey!
  • [The Tinted Blanc] Launch the Tints!

On Death:

  • [The Tinted Blanc] May the Tint of color guide you (player name)!
  • [The Tinted Blanc] How did this happen?!
  • [The Tinted Blanc] My bigger brother will avenge me (player name)!!