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This is a guide for obtaining tech 21 skills, and explanations on everything associated with them.

Tech 21 skills are received from missions at the hidden Lyceum observation base, in Olympus Entrance. They take four Shards (equal to 40 Shard Dust total), 7 Cloud Mercury and 1 Billion Credits per skill.

To obtain shards, there are two different ways: The first way to obtain shards, is to get Shard Dust from Staff Quarters, off Olympus Entrance (you can transwarp directly to Staff Quarters once discovered). You'll need to complete various daily missions to obtain ~10 Shard Dust a day, and an extra 10 every week from the weekly mission available there. An explanation on the dailies can be found further down. 10 Shard Dust can be converted into 1 Shard of your choice, different combinations of 4 shards are required for different skills.

The second way is the old, original way to get shards. Although it requires a group of players to do, this is the most effective way of collecting shards. At the hidden Lyceum base, missions can be accepted for kill credit on Olympus Pretender bosses. These missions are also automatically accepted upon warping into their boss rooms.

For information on getting the keys so you can start killing Pretenders to collect shards, see Pretender Kills for Shards section.

You can also get Shard Dust from the pretenders and their guards. Shard Dust can be traded for Olympus Boss Shards (Swift Shard, etc).

Skill Shard Costs
Piloting 1 Fire Shard, 1 Storm Shard, 1 Strife Shard, 1 Lightning Shard
Weaponry 1 Storm Shard, 1 Strife Shard, 1 Lightning Shard, 1 Swift Shard
Shielding 1 Fire Shard, 2 Storm Shards, 1 Strife Shard
Engine 1 Fire Shard, 3 Swift Shards
Equipment 2 Fire Shards, 1 Storm Shard, 1 Swift Shard
Tractoring 1 Storm Shard, 1 Lightning Shard, 2 Swift Shards
Energy 1 Fire Shard, 1 Storm Shard, 2 Strife Shards
Radar 2 Fire Shards, 1 Storm Shard, 1 Swift Shard
Cloaking 2 Storm Shards, 1 Strife Shard, 1 Swift Shard
Drones 2 Strife Shards, 1 Lightning Shard, 1 Swift Shard

Staff Quarters
Staff Quarters.png

Tech 21 Dailies

These dailies can be found in Staff Quarters, off Olympus Entrance, and can be directly transwarped to once explored.

There are five dailies you can do, to receive a daily mission, you need to dock at Spymaster's Quarters in Staff Quarters, and grab the mission Discreet Reconnaissance. This will autocomplete instantly, and you will be given a Sinon's Letter of Introduction. You then have the choice of any of the five dailies. You cannot do the same daily multiple times in a row, you receive a 3 day lockout of that daily after you do it, so you will need to do two other dailies before you can do the same daily again.

There is also a weekly one you can do, being Alchemist's Quarters. Instead of fighting guardians, chasing down targets or helping others, you trade in commodities and items in exchange for Shard Dust. It will not stop you from doing a daily that day, allowing you to collect additional 10 Shard Dusts besides the daily reward amount.

For an explanation on each daily mission, see the next few sections. You can also scroll back to the top of the page to see the table of contents, and find them from the list there.

Arena Master's Quarters
Arena Master's Quarters.png

Arena Master's Quarters

Got a strong ship?
The Arena Master's Quarters daily mission revolves around capturing AI pilots by destroying their ships, and bringing them back to Mnason, the Arena Master.

To 'capture' a target, you must defeat them and scoop the red debris that drops, please note however that these pilots are neurobound, so make sure you scoop them before something else does!

You'll be given the following requests, each as it's own mission, so you don't need to complete all six:

The most difficult and rewarding part of this daily is killing a Hive, it's recommended you have a Gunner help with a Deathblossom to take care of it's Wasp fighters.

You can also find all mission targets within The Pilot Farm found next to the station, if you do not want to roam around perilous space searching for them. The Pilot Farm Key to access The Pilot Farm can be obtained through the Pilot Farm Key mission. Once you enter, you will find six rooms off the central hub of the Pilot Farm, each room bringing you to the enemies you need to capture the pilots of. If you leave The Pilot Farm, you cannot reenter if you disband your squad, you do not get a second Pilot Farm Key, make the first one count! Similarly, after killing one of the AI found in each pen, you will be locked out of that specific pen, make sure to kill them all before leaving the pen! If you do get locked out without clearing out The Pilot Farm, you can still go hunting around Perilous Space for the remaining pilots you need.

After bringing back a Captured Hive Pilot, you'll be given access to a set of missions that for 10 Shard Tokens will give you a neurobound Hermes, Poseidon, Hephaestus or Zeus Controlbot.

Guardian's Quarters
Guardian's Quarters.png

Guardian's Quarters

Loyalty, Duty, Service.
The Guardian's Quarters daily mission asks you to hunt down various guardians who have defected from the Pretenders and are now roaming, with Aktaion, master of the Guardian's Quarters, rewarding you for assisting him in punishing them for deserting.

You should be warned though that attacking a guardian outside of Guardian Hideout, for example, a Roaming Ares Warrior, will cause all Roaming Ares Warriors to become hostile and attack you on sight.

You'll be tasked with the following requirements, each with it's own mission, so you don't have to do all five (though recommended you do of course):

You can also find all mission targets within Guardian Hideout found next to the station, if you do not want to roam around perilous space searching for guardians. The Guardian Hideout Key to access Guardian Hideout can be obtained through the Hideout Key mission. Do be careful however, the deserters do not welcome visitors within their Hideout, and will attack you in waves, if you're not sure if you can handle it, you may want to consider hunting in Perilous Space or bringing a teammate along to assist you. If you lose your key and cannot get into the Guardian Hideout for some reason, you can still find the guardians and one of the two Cronos roaming around in Perilous Space.

After killing Cronos and completing this daily mission, you will unlock a set of missions that for 15 Shard Tokens, you can get a neurobound Hermes, Ares, Poseidon, Hephaestus or Zeus Charger.

Herophilus 3000's Quarters, left side of Staff Quarters
Herophilus 3000's Quarters.png

Herophilus 3000's Quarters

May the Gods have mercy upon us... we are going to be overrun!
The Herophilus 3000's Distress Call daily mission is found on the left side of Staff Quarters, and takes place in Tidepool, where Herophilus 3000 is stranded with no engine.

You're only given one key to the Tidepool, and it's a squad-only instance, meaning random people can't enter it with you.

Once inside Tidepool, you'll need to use the nearby wormhole to get to Herophilus right away, saving you time. You'll find Herophilus nearby, who's research vessel was damaged and is unable to leave Tidepool. You'll need to use a tractor and bring him all the way back to Staff Quarters (by moving to the right).

While approaching the exit to Staff Quarters, you'll be ambushed by multiple Stingrays, Makos and Swordfish. Herophilus 3000 will become immobile until you defeat all the nearby enemies, who will sometimes drop Shard Dust upon death. You'll be ambushed three times before reaching the end. Once you do reach the end, and the exit is in sight, Zeus will release the Kraken, and you'll need to kill it before you can send Herophilus through the exit. After defeating the Kraken, you'll need to push Herophilus through the wormhole, and upon doing so he will drop a Lyceum Signet, which you'll need to grab before leaving, and turn it in outside at Herophilus 3000's Quarters for your final Shard Dust as a reward.

It should be noted that Herophilus will often bug out and you'll see him float off every time you're ambushed, when in reality he actually did lose all speed. Refreshing your client (via /f in chat) will fix this, or tractoring him while in range, which will update your client with his correct position.

Once you've rescued Herophilus from Tidepool, you'll be given access to a set of missions that for 25 Shard Tokens will give you a neurobound tractor of your choice, being the Hermes' Grappler, Ares' War Cry, Poseidon's Tide, Hephaestus' Flame or the engineer energy transfer beam, the Zeus' Energizing Beam.

Messenger's Quarters
Messenger's Quarters.png

Messenger's Quarters

Your Communication Solution.
The Messenger's Quarters daily mission starts at the top left station, where Keryx, master of the Messenger's Quarters will send you around Perilous Space to speak to her contacts and find what they have discovered.

Every time you reach a location, you'll be ambushed by some guardians who, on death, will drop secret Pretender Intel, which you must give to Keryx's contact in the nearby AI station to get your reward and move onto the next location. If you lose some intel, you can wait in that location for a little bit for the guardians to respawn so you can get the intel you're missing.

Starting in Staff Quarters, you'll go to the following places in order:

Hermes can be found in three locations, he can be found roaming both north and south perilous space, and he can be found in Path to Tartarus, which you can acquire the Tartarus Path Key through a mission that appears once you are given the objective of finding Hermes. If you lose your key and cannot get into the Path to Tartarus for some reason, you can still find one of the two Hermes roaming around in Perilous Space.

Once you meet up with Hermes, you will need to aggro him to trigger the ambush (tractor him, shoot him with a weapon, anything to get his attention).

After assisting Hermes, you'll be given a new mission, which for 2 Shard Tokens, you can get an Olympian Travel System tweak.

Hermes' Quarters
Hermes' Quarters.png

(Tartarus) Hermes' Quarters

The Tartarus daily mission is a very quick break-in rescue mission to save Cronos who is trapped in Tartarus, for the real Hermes who is searching for him.

You'll only get one key to Tartarus, and it's a squad-only instance, meaning random people can't enter it with you.

The entrance to Tartarus can be found to the right of the Warp Beacon, above the exit to Olympus Entrance. Once you enter, you'll find yourself in a spacious area containing many suns and moons flying around. Nearby you'll see Cronos (which happens to be a station, you can't dock until all enemies are defeated).

Several waves of guardians will attack you, each with a chance of dropping Shard Dust on death:

After defending against the guardians, all that is left to do is dock at Cronos' ship and speak to him, which will reward you with one final Shard Dust.

Alchemist's Quarters
Alchemist's Quarters.png

(Weekly) Alchemist's Quarters

I have a lot of work to do as master alchemist and I could use some help! Although I have many projects in the works, I have a limited budget.
The Alchemist's Quarters weekly mission is an alternative to fighting, rescuing and capturing. Zosimos, master of the Alchemist's Quarters, is in charge of keeping everything running smoothly in Olympus, but has such a limited budget to do so. In exchange for supplies, he'll give you up to 10 Shard Dust a week.

You'll be given 16 different missions upon accepting this, you'll only be able to choose up to 10 of them a week, once you've accepted 10 the other 6 will disappear.

Ares, whose missions begin with 'The old spit and polish', needs the following:

Hephaestus, whose missions begin with 'Cleaning house and hull', needs the following:

Poseidon, whose missions begin with 'A cut above the rest', needs the following:

Zeus, whose missions begin with 'A special friend', needs the following:

Zosimos is also tasked with powering all of Olympus, so as a bonus mission, 'A nuclear idea', he also asks for an Electric Eel Powercore, which (if you have this mission open), the Electric Eels in either Perilous Space or Electric Plant will drop a Powercore on death. If you're going to enter the Electric Plant, you will need the Electric Plant Key, which appears as a mission when you take the mission A nuclear idea. If you lose your key and cannot get into the Electric Plant for some reason, you can either abandon the mission and take one of the exchange missions above as a replacement, or find one of the two Electric Eels in Perilous Space.

After you've completed a task for him, a new mission will appear every time, which will automatically complete when accepted and reward you with the Shard Dust you need.

Mount Olympus
Olympus Mons.png

Pretender Kills for Shards

In Olympus Entrance you can find five missions, Pretender Hermes, Pretender Ares, Pretender Poseidon, and so on. The missions are to kill that specific Pretender. Completion will reward you three boss shards of that specific Pretender. The shards you get from killing each Pretender: