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Did you mean Subspace (Juxtaposition)?



Subspace is the home of the Aveksaka and also the zone in which tech 22 primary skills (including Tractoring) may be obtained.

Unlike Olympus the Subspace zone is massive, being comparable to a separate universe layer available only to premium players. It's also separated into six distinct zones, Ekam, Dve, Tra, Catur, Pajca and Sas, in order of difficulty that form a flower-like shape. Sas, being the hardest zone is dangerous for even high level players to enter alone.

At the end of each petal, or zone lies the entrance to a boss instance. Killing the incredibly powerful boss(es) inside is necessary for obtaining tech 22 skills and is no easy feat!


Shylo Reborn's T22 Guide

Subspace Maps

Full Subspace Map

Subspace Map Full.png

Protected Subspace Zone

Protected Subspace Center.png

There are six systems branching from Kumari, each offering missions for their respective zones.

Ekam Zone

Ekam Space.png

Dve Zone

Dve Space.png

Tra Zone

Tra Space.png

Catur Zone

Catur Space.png

Pajca Zone

Pajca Space.png

Sas Zone

Sas Space.png

Boss Dungeons

Bila Dvarata (Ekam)


Kandara Dvarata (Dve)


Akhara Dvarata (Tra)


Vihara Dvarata (Catur)


Devalaya Dvarata (Pajca)



Other notable locations in Subspace include the Blue Photon Subspace Facility which houses tech 22 module blueprints and factories, as well as the Lyceum Research Concourse where one obtains missions to obtain their first Aveksakan tech 22 ship as well as ship upgrade blueprints for it.


There also exist numerous resources that can only be found exclusively inside of Subspace which are used to produce or upgrade items that originate from Subspace.

Commodity Combonite Nanosilicon Nanochips Nitinol Phased Metals Quartz Crystals Tektite Coecite Pyritic Radiation Thalaron Radiation
Source Prospecting Mining Factory Factory Mining Mining Mining Mining Collecting Collecting
Prospecting Prospecting Prospecting