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The goal of The Star Sonata Wiki is to build a comprehensive guide for everything Star Sonata. This will eventually include an article on every aspect of the game, descriptions of every item and historical accounts as best as we can figure. This goal can not be the work of one person. This task is too far reaching and complex for a single person alone. So a wiki is needed... and nothing but the best wiki will do...

What Star Sonata Wiki is not

One of the best ways to define something is to define what it is not.

A hosting service
Please don't try to use this page as your own personal image host. Those images will get deleted and it may happen without warning.
A soapbox
We understand you hate X (or love, or whatever). Please don't use the Star Sonata Wiki to rant about it.
A toy-box
Please don't treat this as your own personal toy. Yes, you can edit almost anything everything here, but please do it in a responsible way and with the goal in mind.
A chat-forum
Star Sonata already has one and more people go to it anyway.