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The Star Sonata Wiki uses images from a few different sources in order to build a more useful Star Sonata guide. In an attempt to keep this site legal we need to make sure we follow copyright law. The following is the basic guidelines for images on this site.


Fair use images

Screenshots of Star Sonata can typically be used under fair use but only if they are used in an article about either Star Sonata or a particular part of Star Sonata. For example, the article about the Emperor's Crown can include a screenshot of the crown. All fair use images must be tagged as such.

For more information about "fair use" guidelines please read the Wikipedia article on fair use.

Public Domain images

Images released to the public domain can be legally used anywhere on the site.

What qualifies as "Public Domain?"

GNU Licensed images

Any image released under the GNU Free Document License may be used anywhere on the site, but the image must be marked as being released under GNU.

The full text of the GNU FDL can be found here.

Copyright, but with permission

If you wish to retain copyright of your image you may do so. Place the appropriate tag on the image.

Copyright without permission

If we don't have permission to use the image and it doesn't qualify for "fair use" then we can't use the image. Sorry. Any administrator may delete it.