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A relatively quiet time for Sol.

Sol is the central star system in the Universe. Sol contains 7 AI stations and a large number of missions. These AI stations are Earth Central, Enforcer Station, Earthforce HQ, Bobs Towing Station, Sai's Retreat, Emperor's Club and Earthforce Frontier Station. Sol is also the center of operations for Earthforce, the universal police network which fervently defends the citizens of the universe from all manner of pirates and hostile aliens. The Space Rat Broodmother also spawns in Sol.


Earthforce Frontier Station

Earth Central

Enforcer Station

Earthforce Headquarter (Requires Peacemaking level 1 to dock)

Sai's Retreat

Note: All of the skills at Sai's Retreat cost more credits and skill points for each level you obtain.

Unique things for sale

Earth Central

Enforcer Station