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Skills are trained through the Neuro-Training tab in an AI controlled space station.

A simple to use table for calculating required skill points from one tech to another for all major skills can be found here: Aero's Skill Point Calculator Courtesy of Admiral Lunarion of Aero


Core Skills

Most of these skills determine the maximum tech level of various types of gear that you can use, these cannot be reset.

Focus Skills

Class Skills

Tertiary Skills

Other Skills

Tweaking Skills

These skills increase the effectiveness of augs equipped on ships, bots and bases, and neuro tweaks.

Advanced Class Subskills

Advanced Class Subskills require Advanced Skill Points, which you can get by training your class skills above level 20 in Lyceum. Each subskill costs 1 Advanced Skill Point.

Research Skills

These skills increase the number of drones, slaves and bases you can deploy at once.

Zen Skills

Bar Skills

These skills need 78 Gold Bars and 9 Platinum Bars total to train.

Trade Skills

These are mission based skills found in Free Market. You can only train in 1 trade skill tree per character.

Hostility Skills

Hostility modifications are most common to Berserkers for positive bonuses and Shield Monkeys for negative bonuses. Trained in Bipolar.

Control Skills

Trained in Lagrange

Resistance Skills

Also trained in Lagrange

Imperial Seal Skills

Kalthi Skills

Team Skills