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Please be sure you are ready for tech 22 skills by ensuring you have tech 21! If you do not have tech 21 and are looking on how to obtain them please reference Sundog's Guides.
Link to it Sun's Tech 21 Guide, also available on the forum here.


Introduction (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Maps & Dungeon's

Please view Subspace for maps and dungeon routes.

Skill Locations

Listed easy to hard with relevant missions for skills at each location

Mission Locations

All missions will be listed here. Those missions that directly involve obtaining skills will be listed as (Skill) in front of it.

Entrance to Subspace: Kumari

Galaxy Paxian Front Missions:

  • (Skill)
  • (Skill)
  • (Skill)
  • (Skill)
  • (Skill)

Galaxy Allied Staging Sector Missions:

Galaxy Earthforce Defense Hub Missions:

  • None?

Galaxy Lyceum Research Concourse Missions:

  • Aveksaka Xenobiology Research
  • Ult. Lyceum Augmenter Research!
  • Confiscated Ult Lyceum Fabrication Modules
  • Continued Aveksaka Xenobiology

Galaxy Blue Photon Subspace Facility Missions:

  • Experimental Fighter Research
  • Experimental Missile Research

Galaxy Strike Force Zeta Missions:

  • None?

Sahvitra Evolution Schema

Want to build your ship? Here is the path to do it!

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Domesticated Sahvitra Suta (AI Only) Car'ayu Rajanicar'ayu
Sutaatiguruayu Vaziayu
Antuayu or Antuayukrmikosa
Sutaalasa (AI Only) Dhatriayu Bhisajayu
Sutaguruka (AI Only) Ayudhinayu Isvas'ayu

--Shylo Reborn 22:54, 15 October 2016 (EDT)