Shield Monkey Class

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Shield Monkeys are the Masters of Manipulating Shields. The Shield Monkey Class gives +5% Shield Max, +3% Shield Recharge. These stats are also amplified by 3 tertiary skills availible only to Shield Monkeys via the Shield Monkey Laboratories in Lyceum:

  • Shield Boosting: +2.5% Shield Max, +2.5% Shield Recharge
  • Shield Manipulation: +1.5% Damage, +1% Shield Recharge, +3% Combat Slave Damage
  • Shield Transference: +6.5% Transference Damage, +4% Transference Resistence

The Prerequisite for this skill is Support Focus, and your level of Shield Monkey Class cannot be trained any higher than your level in Support Focus, just as your level in any of the tertiary skills cannot exceed your level in the Shield Monkey Class.

Shield Monkey Only Items

The Shield Monkey only weapons (with monkey in the name) are a variation of normal transference weapons that also have the Weapon Side Effect of +Max Shield Bank.

Monkey Shield Transference I (Mission Reward, DG)
Monkey Shield Transference II (Mission Reward, DG)
Monkey Shield Transference III (Mission Reward, DG)
Monkey Jack Healer (DG)
Monkey De-Puzzeler (Mission Reward)
Monkey Reformatter (Mission Reward)
Anti UnDe-Puzzeler (De-Puzzler+) - BP [Does not have a side-effect]
De-unMaker (Reformatter+) - BP [Does not have a side-effect]
Re-Engineerer (Vazaha Restructron+) - BP [Does not have a side-effect]
Golagoay Monkey Re-Construction (Adds Max Energy Bank - Not Shield) - Ruins

The Shield Monkey only Aura generator that impart a +Max Shield Bank or +Shield Regeneration tweak on all allies nearby

Monkey Projector (Tech 10) - Shield Monkey Laboratories in lyceum
Vazaha Monkey Prolongation(Tech 10) - Ruins
Monkey Preservation Field (Tech 15) - Bp: 3.5bil build cost
Monkey Tricks (Tech 19) - ??
Monkey Safeguard (Tech 20) - ??