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Shadow is a galaxy found in Earthforce Warp 0 space. It is a part of the Paxius mission chain and the A38 Passcard mission from Lyceum. It also provides Augmenter Removal through missions available to players at certain levels. The skills Radar and Station Tweaking can be trained there.

Shadow has one sun, two planets, and one station named Lush Incision.
Augmenter Reset
Augmenter Reset missions are available at Lush Incision. These missions will unequip all the augmenters on the player's current ship without destroying them (citation needed). The first mission can be completed at level 21, and subsequent missions are given once the player reaches certain levels. The levels and their corresponding missions are as follows:
Mission Level
Augmenter Reset 1 21
Augmenter Reset 2 50
Augmenter Reset 3 100
Augmenter Reset 4 200
Augmenter Reset 5 400
Augmenter Reset 6 700
Augmenter Reset 7 1000
Augmenter Reset 8 1300
Augmenter Reset 9 1600
Augmenter Reset 10 2000
Augmenter Reset 11 2500
Augmenter Reset 12 3000


Two skills can be trained at Lush Incision:

Skill Max Level Requirements
Radar 11 1 Kromatico
Station Tweaking 2 5 Bronze Bars

Unique Items

Station Repair Kit Blueprints
The Station Repair Kit Blueprints for all Tech Levels can be purchased here.

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