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Seers 'See all.' The Seer Class gives +2% Damage, +1% Ethereal weapon damage, +3% Radar, +2% Stealth and improved Warp abilities such that at Seer Class 16, you can pass through Warp 4 gates such as Juxtaposition and The Serengeti. These stats are also amplified by 3 tertiary skills availible only to Seer Class via the Seer's Conclave in Lyceum:

  • Psionic Shrouding: 'Shroud yourself in a mental fog.' +5% Stealth, +5% Critical hit resistance. Up to a +50% chance to evade damage when cloaked and unseen.
  • Psychic Sight: 'Use your 6th sense to know your enemy.' +10% Radar, +5% Critical hit damage, +2% Damage
  • Shadow Ambush: 'Wait until their backs are turned.' +1% Critical Hit Chance, +2% Critical Hit Chance when unseen by target, +2% Damage when striking from behind

The Prerequisite for this skill is Recon Focus, and your level of Seer Class cannot be trained any higher than your level in Recon Focus, just as your level in any of the tertiary skills cannot exceed your level in the Seer Class.


Seer only gear



Aura Generators


Warp Devices



Top Seers of their era

Klestiko> Bad at Games> Bad at Games & Qlimax> Qlimax & Exodus> ??????> Spot still open for whom most of the playerbase acknowledge as the best seer of the current meta.