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Scruples are the spiny overlords of Hyper. Their Ungodly Lust tractors pull their prey close into the range of their chilling Blacklight lasers, while their Armor Piercing Missiles hammer enemies from afar.

They cannot be captured, however they are able to be radexed. The weaker Scrupling can be built from a blueprint, however.


  • Tech: 20
  • Hull: 1000
  • Speed: 40
  • Size: 128
  • Visibility: 10
  • Augmenters: 2
  • Weapons: 2
  • 40% Protection from Laser, Energy, Heat, Physical, Radiation, & Surgical
  • Heavy Fighter
  • Description: 'test your morality'

The scruple spawns with this gear.

  • Blacklight
  • Undershirt
  • Moral Emphasis
  • Ace Pest Control
  • Medium AP Missile Generator
  • Medium Armor Piercing Missile(s)
  • Sputty Nutty Hull Expander
  • Rapier Class Launcher Mark IV
  • Self Destructor
  • Yallow
  • Madman's Eyes
  • Ungodly Lust
  • Random Augmenters (2)

Has a selection of rare items; drop rate is very low.

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