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Rumble 3 is a galaxy where fine pilots can advance their piloting skill even further by killing a swarm of AI and collecting the Chrome Knobs that drop. Due to how dangerous it is, only pilots level 250 or higher are allowed to enter.


  • Rumble 3 has Monochrome Hues, SawtoothXs, and several different multifiring types of Slumberchromes
  • Use drones to draw fire away from yourself
  • A swarm of slaves or a couple powerful ones may make things easier
  • If your slaves can shoot Missiles or launch Fighters, you can kill off more AI faster and avoid taking on so much damage
  • You may consider upgrading your Shields before attempting Rumble 3 alone
  • Asking a teammate or higher level player to help you may be a smart option


Final Flight School

Unique Items

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