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Remote Control (abbreviated RC) is a skill that lets you use bots and capture ships of a tech level up to your Remote Control level. For example, if you have Remote Control 5 you may only use tech 5 or less ships. Remote control requires Piloting skill of equal or greater level. For more information, see the section at the bottom of the page.

Each level of RC gives a bonus +1500 shield to slaves, maxing out at +27,000 at level 18, 28500 at level 19, 30,000 at level 20.

It costs 3 skill points per level. The credit cost is equal to level^3*1000.

Where to Train

Location Station Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
Lavanite Lava Visions 2 1 Blue Whisper Space Blue Alpha Scout drop and mined in Blue Outpost
Glass Matrix Ice Matrix 4 1 Blue Aether Space Blue Alpha drop
Blue Royal Court (Colored Empires) Blue Palace 5 1 Azure Essence Azurite drop
Blue Royal Court (Colored Empires) Blue Parliament 6 1 Zircon Essence Zircon drop
Prism Refraction Station 6 1 Blue Vapor Space Blue Beta drop and mined at Blue Outpost
Biologique Embryonic P2P only 10 1 Blue Dust Space Blue Gamma drop
Serpica Scale Center 14 1 Traginium Mined in Bonnet and rarely in Arena Lobby
The End of the Universe Restaurant at the End of the Universe P2P only 16 5 Giant Goblets Big Green and Bigger Green drop
Beta Antares Beta Antares Shipyards 17 1 Gargantuan Goblets Green Battleship drop
Lunacy Sonata Asylum P2P only 18 1 Mad Scientist's Other Brain Mad Scientist drop (NOTE: This is not 'Mad Scientist's Brain')
Beta Antares Beta Antares Shipyards P2P only 19 1 Red Photon Prototype Blueprint (Mission Based) Red Photon Warship Prototype drop (NOTE: Requires Piloting 21 to unlock mission 'Remote Dominance')
Lyceum Research Concourse Lyceum Subspace Research Station P2P only 20 1 Undamaged Aveksaka Cortex (Mission Based) 25% chance to drop from any tech 22 boss (NOTE: Requires Piloting 22 to unlock Aveksaka Cortex)

Other Important Information

    • Trade slots: (Remote Control + Bot Research) * 2
    • Combat slots: Trade + 8 (if you have Bot Ph.D.)
    • Wild slots: Combat * 2 * 1.5(if you have Wild Man)
    • Trade bots: Remote Control + Bot Research – Minimum of two.
    • Combat bots: Half trade (rounded up) + 2 (if you have Bot Ph.D.)

There is also a swarm limit on combat bots. The maximum number of combat bots you can have equals half of your level in Remote Control. For example, at Remote Control 10 the maximum amount of combat bots you can have active at once is 5. With Remote Control 10 (20 slots) and Bot Research 4 (8 slots), the maximum number of combat bots you can have active is 7 (10 + 4 = 14 slots / 2) There are exceptions for levels 1-3, level 1 allows 1 bot, level 2 and 3 both allow 2 bots. The swarm limit doesn't apply to wild bots.

When activating a bot a note in events gives you an update as to how many slots you have left. This doesn't apply to wild bots because there is no way to make a docked ship into a wild bot.