Radiation Damage

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Radiation is one of the 8 damage types and is essential for capturing ships using the Remote Control skill. Radiation weapons, like the Neutron Laser, are usually beam weapons. However, tracking projectile radiation weapons do exist.

This type of damage won't actually destroy a ship. If the final "kill" shot delivered to a ship is with radiation it renders the ship's crew inert, and the ship is ready to be captured with a Prismatic Conversion weapon (abbreviated PC). Player ships and slaves with Stasis Generators cannot be captured and will go into stasis like being killed with any other damage type. However, if the killing blow to a player is dealt with a Radiation Weapon the player will be ejected in a spirit and lose money, regardless of whether he had an Escape Pod equipped.

Radiation can also facilitate the capturing of a base in the same way as a ship; an irradiated base becomes abandoned. Irradiated drones can be captured simply by scooping them.

While many classes use this type of damage, the Fleet Commander class is the most notable, stemming from the large damage bonuses given by the Radiation Expert to Radiation Weapons.

A radiation critical hit gives the victim ship a few seconds of warp interdiction, or the inability to warp into another galaxy.