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Radar is a skill that allows you to use various radars.

Training Radar costs 3 + 1 * the desired level skill points to level.

Where to Train

Location Base Name Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
Fly Times Flylet Research Outpost 3
Sol Earth Central 3
Shadow Lush Incision 5 1 Hulett Radar II Any AI Station -- 46,000 Credits
Sol Earthforce Headquarter 5 1 Enforcer Rank
Gargan Gargan Harbor 7 1 Oversized Revealer Bought at Gargan -- 256,000 Credits
Micron Micron Courier Inc. HQ 9 1 Micro Sement Radar Bought at Micron -- 665,000 Credits
Glass Matrix Ice Matrix 11 1 Seer's Blinder Bought at Glass Matrix -- 10,000,000 Credits
Handel's Cove Lost Cove 11 1 Kromatico Monochrome Hue drop
Underworld Underbelly 13 1 Parasitic Flare Gun Bought at some AI stations -- 3,200 Credits
Arctia Arctia Outpost 16 10 Solar Prism Mined in Prism and Arctia
XYZ Z 18 1 Tunnel Vision DG drop
Hyperion Ordnance Command 18 1 Sonic Radar+ Bought at Free Market -- 400,000,000 Credits
The Dark The Dark 19 1 Transformed Very Dark Matter (Mission Based) Dropped from AI in The Dark
The Dark The Darker P2P only 20 1 Transformed Impossibly Dark Matter (Mission Based)
Olympus Entrance Hidden Lyceum Observation Platform P2P only 21 2 Fire Shards, 1 Storm Shard and 1 Swift Shard (Mission Based) Requires level 1000
Akhara Dvarata base P2P only 22 Uber Kill and commod Requires level 1500