Queen Hive

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Queen Hives are roaming ubers found in Perilous Space. Up to two can be spawned at any given time, and remain neutral until attacked like normal hives. Their ship appears as a large hive created by the union of four normal hives, which separate in sequence as the boss reaches various health levels for a total of five phases. if players are having trouble dealing with the wasp fighters, it is advisable for them to kill each of these hives immediately as they separate or else risk being overwhelmed. Area of effect weapons are highly effective at destroying these fighters.

The Queen Hive herself wields upgraded cannons with considerable damage and knockback. She will gain 100% MF each phase, meaning there will be five bullets per shot in the final stretch of the fight. This makes for damage capable of oneshotting many characters, as well as causing additional knockback to both the player and herself. Without a tractor beam, this means she will usually end up several thousand distance away from where the fight began (the limit of her weapon range).

Like normal hives, they are vulnerable to fire damage.

Gear List:
  • Unknown


  • Lresist = 85%
  • Eresist = 88%
  • Hresist = 70%
  • Presist = 85%
  • Rresist = 85%
  • Sresist = 85%
  • Mresist = 85%
  • Tresist = 0%