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Pretender Poseidon is an uber AI resting in Poseidon's Pool, players must fight their way through two galactic whirlpools and slay his otherworldly servant the Kraken before facing off against him.

Like all the other Olympus ubers, he periodically uses an Olympus Blocker which greatly increases his resists for several seconds, and is guarded by his loyal denizens of the ocean; Makos, Jellyfish, Stingrays and Swordfish. To the north of the warp there is also a Poseidon's Vortex which will occasionally spawn one or two of either of the 4 AI.



Stage 1

100%: Poseidon lays Poseidon Whorls behind him, flying over one of these causes the pilot to spin wildly for several seconds. The whorls possess very few shields and decay after a few seconds. After reaching 90% he will summon a school of Makos to hinder your efforts.

"Poseidon" as you warp in. "Poseidon" summoning a school of Makos.

Stage 2

80%: Poseidon lays Trident Drones which deal low DPS, heal Poseidon and fire a weapon that cuts your speed by half, he will also call forth a swarm of Jellyfish to try and sting you to death. Once he reaches 40% shields he will bring out a fleet of Stingrays. These are his only DPS until he reaches 35% shields during which he'll begin to attack you with a powerful chain laser in preparation for the deadly finale.

"Poseidon" in his second form. "Poseidon" flaunting his new drones. "Poseidon" calling forth a swarm of Jellyfish. "Poseidon" bringing out a fleet of Stingrays

Stage 3

30%: Poseidon uses a special tsunami attack, it deals heavy damage and pushes everyone back. This also lowers your current shield bank by half for several seconds. He will begin to spawn more AI and on top of this when he reaches 10% shields he will spawn over a dozen Swordfish, making it extremely easy to kill Poseidon yet have everyone in the squad get killed by his tsunami or guards right before he dies.

"Poseidon" in his final form bringing down mighty tsunamis. "Poseidon's" chain laser in action. "Poseidon" spawning over a dozen Swordfish.



Surging Oversized
Distilled Miniature
Tier 3 the Earthshaker
Tier 2 Hippios
Tier 1  
Tier 0.75 Brackish












Pretender Poseidon was first killed during a competition held by the admin Jeff_L that was made to encourage players to band together in an attempt to kill the Olympus ubers. This competition was held so he could 'balance' them if necessary.

Pretender Poseidon himself was barely modified. He received a mini-uber called the Kraken in Medium Whirlpool and his tsunami plus laser attack were made slightly more powerful.

The group that first killed Pretender Poseidon during this testing period consisted of:

  • Thermal
  • Teefr
  • NX-01
  • kegel
  • ummmmm
  • Seven Zark Seven
  • Metatron
  • Roffles
  • FFs V
  • Susan Ivanova
  • ManoDrizzle

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