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P2P stands for Pay to Play. The term refers to a player who pays for Star Sonata. The most commonly used payment methods are described below.


Star Sonata Subscription Plans

There are four subscription term options available to pay for a Star Sonata membership.

  • One Month - $9.95 USD
  • Three Months - $24.95 USD, $8.32 USD monthly.
  • Six Months - $44.95 USD, $7.49 USD monthly.
  • One Year - $85.95 USD, $7.16 USD monthly.

Star Sonata Payment Options

There are three methods of payment available for a Star Sonata membership.

Money/Credit Cards

First, you may use money/credit to pay for your membership, using either Paypal, a Credit Card, or a Prepaid Gift Card. There are restrictions on the type of Gift Card that may be used, however, and the Gift Card payment method is still under development.

Referral and Space Points

In your account information, there is a section on referrals. If an account created through your referral link subscribes for the first time, you will receive 1 space point. For every 2 space points, you can choose to extend your own subscription by 1 month.

In-Game Credits

This method is allowed, but the rules clearly state that you are not allowed to talk about this, or announce it in any public chats. All chat, trade chat and galaxy chat are public chats, so you can try to contact people through PMs and ask if they have any information on people that do subscriptions. The following three threads are links to the Star Sonata Forum which gives a lot of information on subscriptions and safely subscribing.

Don't give out your password - A warning - Subscribe safely without giving out your account information!

Many people had their accounts stolen because they used the wrong methods when buying subscriptions for in game credits from other players, so please consider reading all the links before you purchase anything.