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Green Nile and the Nihilists

Nihilite is the dangerous home of the Nihilists AI team. The Nihilists have been tasked with preventing any access to Hyper, and their Nihilite drones seem to do a great job. However, there are ways for the sneakiest to get past. Using Electron Clouds or envelopments and stringing them without having them overlap is a great way to get past. Players can also get in using a zero-visibility ship to slip by the drones undetected. An UnderScout with Diamond Shealth, Stealth Mobilizer, Cyanotic Fission, Overcaot, and 2 Basic stealth Augmenters, can get in.

Nihilite is the second in the Underworld - Nihilite - Hyper galaxy chain.


Unique gear

  • Credit Scanner A, Tech 4
  • Ship Scanner Omega, Tech 6
  • Ship Scanner Pro, Tech 6
  • Sniper Toy, Tech 10
  • Credit Scanner B, Tech 12
  • Alcatraz Pod, Tech 14
  • Crack Den, Tech 6
  • Aqua Tube Blueprint, Tech 6
  • Ambrosia Blueprint Set (Base Gear), Tech 14
  • Momma's Slicer, Tech 7
  • Fire Beam, Tech 10
  • Open Heart Laser, Tech 14
  • Rubber Ducky, Tech 11
  • Valentine, Tech 10
  • Thatch, Tech 15
  • Sidhe, Tech 16
  • Graviton Beam III, Tech 3
  • Graviton Beam IV, Tech 5
  • Restraining Order, Tech 9

Interesting Facts