Nanotech Plating

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Nanotech Plating is a skill that reduces item damage by 2% per level when you die, doubled for slaves. This skill is valuable in that it decreases the amount of credits a player needs to spend on repairs over time. Nanotech Plating costs 10 skill points per level.

Where to get Nanotech Plating

Location Level Requirements Notes
Rumble 5 Titanium Sheet Made from a BP found in Ring
Deflector 10 Vortex Pellet Made with a Vortex Converter from Handel's Cove or Steppes
Bonnet (Ring World base) 15 Fortified Station Kit VI x 2 Built from BP. Bp is obtainable from Iq'Bana
XYZ 20 Master Pirate Crest x 5 and total of 306.71 mil creds(for the 5 levels) High level AI drop, Train at Hidden 'Z' Station (2311 south of the warp)
Underworld 25 Gold Bar and total of 615.25 mil creds (for the 5 levels) Built with bp from Ring


Nanotech Plating was originally called Crazy Glue, it was to give you a 2% better chance of your gear glue not being used up when you died. However when client 2 was released the gear glue system was removed and replaced by repairs. All the players who had Crazy Glue skill simply had the skill change in name to Nanotech Plating. Because of this there are no players who still have Crazy Glue skill.