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Mira is a DG Zone similar to Arctia and Vulcan, the Paxians have trapped the UrQa inside and attempting to stop their efforts of building an outpost there. Upon entering, the player will receive a mission from a Paxian named Navigator Celestron, asking for aid in destroying the UrQa they've trapped. (See below for missions)

The galaxy itself is rather empty, containing only two suns, Mira A and Mira B, one orbiting the other, along with a station. There is a warpgate north of the entrance inside a nebula that leads further into Mira, where the UrQa are.

At the AI station, which orbits the exit, one can find all the items an AI station normally sells, plus a Paxian Space Suit, the Paximinus, Pax Lyrae and the Pax Vega, and a Paxian Negotiator Fighter Blueprint. There are no skills available here.

It should be noted that UrQa ships (ranging in level from around 100-200) will spawn inside Mira and leave the place, along with some spawning outside Mira entirely. Some of them will attack players and bases and even other AI ships, while others will ignore everything around them and simply roam until attacked. These ships are all on team Ur Ikqaka, while the Paxian ships, who sometimes appear in some of the galaxies within Mira, are all on team Paxian Vanguard.

KusoQ'kur connects to Mira

The mission, UrQa Invasion, asks you to eliminate the following bosses: Qokujii Vazuk, Qu'ishii Qo and Suqq' Bana. They can be found in Qokuji Qo Bana, Qu'ishii Bana and Suqq' Bana, respectively.

Once completed, you can receive a Pax Celestica and also unlock several more missions, most are for items or another Pax Celestica in exchange for Paxian Medallions. The next mission asks you to eliminate one of the previously fought bosses again, after it has returned / been rebuilt, and rewards players with more experience and credits, and a Paxian Medallion. This mission is repeatable, and comes from the mission Continuing Defense, and reappears after a day.



Akuk'ii Koqaa

Qu'ishii Bana

Akuk'ii Jiq'qi

Qokuji Qo Bana



Suqq' Bana