Lyceum Research Concourse

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Lyceum Research Concourse.png

The base of Lyceum operations in Subspace.

Lyceum Research Concourse is a star system located to the bottom right of Kumari. From here, the Lyceum scientists research the Aveksaka from the Lyceum Subspace Research Station. After Earthforce lost many pilots fighting the Aveksaka menace in the Earthforce Defense Hub region, the Lyceum scientists were called upon to gather data on the Aveksaka to better combat them, after Earthforce sustained heavy losses fighting an enemy they knew nothing about.

The system is guarded by many Earthforce Constables and several Paxian warships. The Lyceum Subspace Research Station orbits the local Subspace Anomaly, and there are two stasis containment fields in the top left area containing two Aveksaka, one of which is deceased.