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Lagrange, circa C1

Lagrange is a star system named for the phenomena it represents. Lagrange Points are points in space where the gravitational pull from all surrounding astral bodies is equal, and therefore the gravitational acceleration experienced on objects within it is zero or near-zero.

Lagrange contains one planet, a sun, the two moons L4 and L5, and a base. The base is hidden, and must be found using the clues provided in its name and the layout of the galaxy.
Hidden Base
The hidden base is named L3. It is where the Control Skills and Resist Skills are found.
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L3 is 999 from the sun, 1700 from L5, 1999 from the planet, and 1700 from L4.


There are 14 skills available at L3. There are 7 in Control and 7 in Resist, one for each damage type.
Each damage type is exclusive to itself, meaning that if one were to train 1 in Heat Resist, he could not train any in Heat Control, and vice versa. Put another way, one can only specialize in either Resist or Control for each damage type, but each damage type is separate from the other damage types. Therefore one could have 10 in Heat Resist and 25 in Radiation Control, but none in Heat Control or Radiation Resist.
The bonuses granted by each level of the respective skill are as such:
Control: +1 to damage with that damage type for each level
Resist: -1 damage taken from that damage type for each level
Each class - Resist or Control - is cost exclusive to itself. That means the cost for the next level of any Control or Resist skill is equal to the total of all of your Control or Resist skills plus one. For example, if one had 24 in Radiation Control and nothing else, then the next level of Radiation Control would cost 25; yet, the first level of Heat Control would cost 25, as well.

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