Kalthi Depths

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Gear up your strongest ships, prepare your fleets, and get ready to face... MADNESS.

Kalthi Depths, originally known as Perilous Perilous Space, is a layer found above the Perilous Space layer. When it was originally created it was an extension of the Perilous Space layer. Within can be found remnants of the Kalthi League, the protective Moonfighters as well as the Corrupted Cyborgs. This tech 22 area is far more dangerous than most zones in the game, offering a lot of endgame gear and items for players to obtain. You will however require Warp Navigation 4 to enter.



  Kalthi Depths is a premium area - only premium players can access this layer.


  Kalthi Depths contains many dangerous enemies and is not owned by anyone due to its hectic nature.

Base Building

  Deployment of bases and drones is not possible in this layer.

Points of Interest

AI Ships


Birds of Prey
Kalthi Armada
Corrupted Cyborgs
Uber AI

Dungeon Galaxies

As of the 8.31.2019 patch, Dungeon Galaxies no longer exist in Kalthi Depths. Instead, drop loots of the DG Bosses have been moved into various roamers found on the list above.